The “Farm to Fork” movement has been catching on around the Big D, making our beloved nights dining out that much more fresh, organic and locally grown. Monday night, the fine folks at the illustrious Ranch at Las Colinas showed their gratitude to these local growers, farmers and bakers by inviting them along with some media guests to partake in The Ranch’s incredible cuisine, and show them where all the hard work is really paying off.

At the entrance of The Ranch that evening, attendees were greeted by an animal farm of sorts, including two horses, a chicken and the world’s most genetically perfect bull. Inside, guests mingled around vendors from all kinds of local companies, from Copper Shoals Red Drum fish and Dripping Springs Texas Vodka to the Deep Ellum-based Mozzarella Company and Franconia brewery. “A lot of restaurants use several vendors for their products. The Ranch uses 18,” said PR representative Lindsey Miller. “That’s why we wanted to do a night like this, to show these people where their goods were going.”

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