The chefs at the Ranch at Las Colinas have a deep appreciation and understanding of the cuisine they prepare. It’s a level of knowledge and respect that ensures quality, as well as the ability to apply modern twists and techniques to time-tested recipes.

But the philosophy of our kitchen aims even higher than that. The Ranch at Las Colinas specializes in making superb dishes that are indigenous to Texas, and our chefs believe that achieving that goal means using ingredients that are indigenous to Texas, too. That’s why our kitchen’s leadership establishes relationships with the state’s best farmers, ranchers, fishermen and other food providers and keeps a finger on the pulse of Texas’ agricultural production — the more fresh and seasonal the ingredients are, the better and more authentic our cuisine will be. Farm-to-fork cooking is the Ranch at Las Colinas’ passion because it genuinely reflects the Lone Star State’s cuisine.

To keep the tradition of Texas cooking strong, the Ranch at Las Colinas’ recipes, techniques and know-how are available to everyone. All you have to do is ask our chefs — after all, the best way to preserve tradition is to empower others to participate in it!